Info Edit

  • The Crown Chest is unlocked after you win 10 crowns in battles. Note that only Crowns won from ladder and Custom Tournaments count toward this total.
  • The Crown Chest has a 24-hour cool-down that starts as soon as the previous one becomes available. This allows for a new chest to be opened at the same time every day.
  • Uncollected chests will stack (maximum 2). Note that when two chests are stacked, Crowns from one chest can overflow to the next after the first one is achieved.
  • After you have 2 Crown Chests waiting, the timer for the next Crown Chest will not begin until you collect one of your waiting Crown Chests.
  • Crown Chests always contain 2-4 Gems.
  • Crown Chests as bonus variant guaranteed Legendary Card available after reaching Builder's Workshop (Arena 6).

Guaranteed Prize (Bonus Variant) Edit

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