This page is dedicated to people with YouTube accounts who have passed away, leaving behind their channel and videos as a memory.

For example, Geriatric1927 was the most subscribed channel on YouTube in August 2006, who died on March 23, 2014 at age 86, after a long battle with an advanced type of cancer. However, some are not as lucky and die at a young age, such as Grimmie, Eddsworld, Yoteslaya and Quxxn.

Some other notable deaths are, Monty Oum, Taliajoy18, and Scott "Stoked" Yakiwckuk. They will be missed.

Please Note: Channels need to have at least 500 subscribers to be added on the list.

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Channel  Subscribers Cause of Death  Date of Death  Additional Info 
Caleb Logan LeBlanc (Bratayley) 5,720,000 Hypertrophic сardiomyopathy October 1, 2015 Caleb was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital. His siblings and parents are still posting to the channel with their daily vlogs. He is currently the biggest YouTuber who has ever died (without being a co-worker or co-founder. RoosterTeeth is the biggest channel who had a deceased well-known worker).
Christina Grimmie (zeldaxlove64) 3,940,000 Murdered June 11, 2016 She was shot at around 10:24 PM on June 10, 2016 at the Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida, after she performed her music with thousands of her fans that attended. She was taken to a hospital, where she later died from her injuries in the early hours of June 11, 2016. Her killer committed suicide minutes later after being tackled by Christina's brother, Mark.
Charles Green Jr (TheAngryGrandpaShow) 3,800,000 Cirrhosis & pneumonia December 10, 2017 Green was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver in July of 2017 after being hospitalized from collapsing at his son's 4th of July party. Green's family initially believed the disease was early stage, but later found out it was in the end stages. When Green had cancer, he then went through Pneumonia after beating cancer. He had to use a oxygen machine to help him breathe. Couldn't hold on longer to it. Green continued to be in and out of the hospital for the rest of his life for almost a year before he passed away at his home. 
Yakiwchuk (member of Element Animation) 2,320,000 Cancer or heart attack (Unconfirmed) January 30, 2015 An unspecified type of cancer might've killed Scott, other sources claim the reason for his passing was a heart attack, the cause of the heart attack is unknown. It's unconfirmed.
Connie Kin (Co-Founder of WhatsUpMoms) 2,000,000 Childbirth complications November 21, 2013 Childbirth complications from giving birth to daughter Ella.
Ernest "Barry" Elliot (Co-founder of Iraqveteran8888) 1,680,000 Heart attack April 12, 2014
Talia Castellano (Taliajoy18) 1,480,000 Neuroblastoma July 16, 2013
Edd Gould (Member of Eddsworld) 1,400,000 Leukemia March 25, 2012 Edd Gould died of leukemia he was battling the past 11 months. He was also battling cancer for 6 years.
Lil Peep 1,240,000 Fentanyl-Xanax overdose November 15 2017
Rich Piana 1,040,000 Cardiac Arrest August 25, 2017
Brian Rickard (Yoteslaya) 891,000 Train collision October 23, 2013 Yoteslaya and his 2 other friends attempted to outrun a train unsuccessfully. The train crashed the car, brutally killing Yoteslaya and his 2 other friends. Local police speculate that alcohol was involved.
Jam Sebastian (JamichTV ) 701,000 Lung cancer March 4, 2015
Felicia O'Dell (Auntie Fee) 606,000 Heart attack March 17, 2017
Colin Wyckoff (Kitty0706) 503,000 Leukemia January 25, 2015 2 years of leukemia
William Ma (member of BeybladeGeeks) 466,000 Car accident November 20, 2013 Died in a collision north of Calgary on the Queen Elizabeth 2 highway
Evan Wallace (e- dubble) 444,000 Infection February 13, 2017
Ben Cem 426,000 Suicide November 1, 2017 He was a Turkish YouTuber who also used to be a member of several successful Turkish channels that were under Mediakraft networks.
Friedman (Myk Toonsmyth) 410,000 Diabetes July 19, 2014
Matei Alexandru (MateiYTB) 980,000 Waldenström's macroglobulinemia September 16, 2016 13 year old has an rare cancer and he born on September 18, 2003.
Michael Johnson (Crazy Fails) 407,000 Fecal cancer December 11, 2017
Arslan Valeev 349,000 Snakebite September 25, 2017 Valeev live streamed his deterioration following the fatal bite from his pet black mamba. It is debated amongst friends and witnesses whether his death was accidental (due to his excitement for future projects and him allegedly staggeringly into the streets for help) or premeditated (following a file for divorce from his wife and her starting a new relationship)
Daniel Kyre (Member of Cyndago) 344,000 Suicide September 18, 2015 Attempted suicide on September 16; died in the hospital two days later (Prompted Cyndago's farewell). He was a friend and a collaborator of Markiplier
Mighty 241,000 Lung cancer May 1, 2015
Grand Diable  235,000 Cancer June 7, 2017
Clara Cannucciari (Great Depression Cooking) 213,000 Natural causes November 29, 2013 Died in her sleep. She did live up to 98 years old. One of the oldest YouTubers ever.
Freddy E. (Garyosk543) 195,000 Suicide January 5, 2013 Shot himself with a pistol.
Franc Tausch (FilmkritikTV) 176,000 Unknown August 3, 2012
Yeardley Diamond 175,000 Cardiac arrest August 20, 2014
TheQuxxn 163,000 Lung infection July 20, 2013
Moony (Member of Man on the Internet) 162,000 Unknown  July 18, 2017
Kazim Akboga 160,000 Suicide February 9, 2017 Jumping in front of a train.
Greg Plitt 159,000 Train collision January 17, 2015 Racing train to promote energy drink for video
littlexloves 140,000 Diabetes January 19, 2016
Glenn Webb 133,000 Unknown August 26, 2016
LittleMissKit 125,000 Suicide March 13, 2008
Ane Li 99,500 Suicide June 11, 2016
MissGerbit 92,600 Thrombocytopenic purpura December 3, 2013
Longhairdontcare2011 90,600 Lupus April 9, 2014
Stevie Ryan (TheRealParis) 87,200 Suicide July 1, 2017 Hanged herself
Renee "Nana" Davis (Nanaluvstroubles) 83,200 Skin infection and kidney failure October 17, 2014
Zhenya Yakut(Женя Якут) 72,600 Pneumonia October 29, 2015
Frox 72,500 Disease November 21 2017
PHiZZURP 71,800 Car accident October 2, 2016
Hayven Games 71,200 Epithelioid sarcoma March 18, 2017 His death was announced on April 24, 2017. One month after his death.
Amanda Todd (TheSomebodytoknow) 64,200 Suicide October 10, 2012
Frank Wolf 62,700 Suicide November 24, 2013 Hanged himself.
Sophie Rose (Sophie's Joy Breastfeeding Mama) 59,500 Motorcycle accident May 8, 2017 Sophie was riding on a motorbike with boyfriend Danny Glass when a truck hit them from behind after they changed lanes to avoid a parked vehicle. The force threw her off the motorbike and the truck ran over her, resulting in fatal head injuries. Sadly, she was six months pregnant at the time, and her unborn child was also lost.
Eskild Fors 58,600 Suicide May 16, 2017
Richard Schepp (Morfar) 55,700 Heart attack January 30, 2014
Peter Oakley (geriatric1927) 55,700 Cancer March 23, 2014
MeechyMonroe 52,500 Brain tumor June 27 2017
Elliot Rodger 50,700 Suicide May 23, 2014 Killed himself via self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after killing 6 people in Isla Vista, California.
King Jojo 44,700 Brain aneurysm March 12, 2015
Marcel Adams) 39,400 Unknown September 23, 2014 His family has withheld his cause of death.
Youtraxtvnews 37,000 Illness October 29, 2012
Svengalie 36,800 Suicide February 4, 2012 Self-immolation
Malina WRP 35,400 Motorcycle accident September 24, 2012
Justin Carmical (JewWario) 33,800 Suicide January 23, 2014 Shot himself with a shotgun
VortexxyGaming 33,500 Car accident Unconfirmed (last known online activity - June 20, 2016) More than a year following VortexxyGaming's disappearance, a friend and collaborator of hers named Cuccolover stated that her school confirmed her passing.
SaikyoMog 33,000 Cancer Febuary 20, 2015 Following his death, his father kept the account active, as well as uploading videos that were never released before he died
Hgtpsh 32,900 Ruptured bowel & neuromuscular disorder August 18, 2013 Suffered a ruptured bowel with added complications from an underlying neuromuscular disorder
HiddenTreasureHunter 32,900 Testicular cancer November 1, 2016
Aziz Shavershian 7zyzz7) 32,300 Heart attack August 5, 2011
Nitrocses 29,400 Cancer July 21, 2016
Ben Breedlove (BreedloveTV) 29,400 Cardiac arrest December 24, 2011
Shaun Miller (TheShawn2395) 27,600 Chronic heart rejection May 1, 2012
Esther Earl ((cookie4monster4) 27,200 Thyroid cancer August 25, 2010.
Ryan Harryman (3PACTVHD) 26,600 Heart attack October 17, 2015 Severe loss of oxygen while underwater at water polo practice. Put on life support, passed away on deactivation of life support system.
Claudio Maddox (CMaddoxBiitch) 26,000 Cancer June 19, 2014
psyclonesteve 29,700 Brain cancer September 28, 2016
Pedro Ruiz (member of La Monalisa) 25,400 Manslaughter June 26, 2017 Ruiz devised a stunt where his partner, Monalisa Perez, would shoot a book Pedro was holding against his chest using a Desert Eagle .50 caliber gun, from a distance of 1 foot. Ruiz intended for the book to stop the bullet. Perez was apprehensive of the stunt, but Ruiz insisted that their channel needed more views. The book failed to stop the bullet and Ruiz was fatally shot in the chest.
Kimberly Nichelle (TheKimberly'Nichelle) 25,300 Sickle cell anemia 2015 (Unknown Month and Day)
Messy Mya (TheeHHGz) 24,700 Murdered November 15, 2010 Gunned down on a street corner in New Orleans.
NowLetsPlayMinecraft 23,600 Suicide August 15, 2013 He killed himself during his holiday in France.
UltimotePictures 22,800 Suicide January 27, 2015.  He committed suicide by self inflicting a lethal substance (poison).
Jive51 22,500 Thyroid cancer November 28, 2011
Carl Herold 21,900 Suicide November 3, 2014 Hanged himself in his jail cell after facing multiple child sex abuse charges.
Woolly Rhino Productions 21,500 Terminal osteosarcoma May 20, 2013
M4rty09 20,300 Car crash March 1, 2013
Nathan Wills (Paradigma) 19,100 Suicide July 27, 2012 Stabbed himself in the chest.
Heluś Official 19,000 Cancer July 3, 2017
Emer Prevost (He11sing920) 18,100 Surgical complications August 6, 2017
apartje 16,400 Heroin overdose October 2016
Kevin Gregg (ThemeParkManics) 16,000 Diabetes October 8, 2015
Iwate Swan 15,900 Pancreatitis January 26, 2010
15,500 Suicide Nov 1, 2017 She amassed over 370,000 fans on her Iamhannahstone YouNow account. She was friends with Maddie Welborn who Tweeted that she was heartbroken over Hannah's passing.
Christina Newman 15,000 Cancer October 21, 2014
Meesha Booh 14,700 Murdered May 14, 2014 Shot in her sleep by ex-boyfriend.
Kimspiriert 14,500 Breast cancer January 1st 2018 She was a German YouTuber which documentated her fight against breast cancer and lost it.
hobestobe 13,200 Dragged to death November 9, 2017 While he was recording a train hopping video, his straps on his bag became tangled on an Amtrak passenger train car and dragged him. Some people claim that he became trapped on a bridge. While he was trapped, he lost his balance and fell on a bridge below him, killing him.
Willdabeast 12,900 Tornado disaster May 28, 2011
Charlotte Eades 12,900 Brain tumor February 26, 2016 Vlogged her process of cancer, showing that even the worst of times can be turned into a positive one
Tribto 12,600 Suicide December 18, 2014 Having an addiction to depressant drugs, they killed themselves.
UmikaSayoji 12,500 Natural causes February 15, 2015
Kreed's World 12,100 Lack of oxygen May 12, 2016
Tyreik Rashion Allison 12,000 Heart complications September 5, 2014
Thegameblock 10,800 Heart attack 2013
PioneersProductions 10,500 Suicide June 8, 2017 He was a mass-murderer just before he killed himself.
John Rovic (rbxcbd) 9,654 Suicide by overdose April 13th, 2017 He was in a Discord call claiming to start overdosing on pills. He then claimed it was a joke after his friend said he was calling the police. Minutes later, he was unresponsive. He was 17 years old. Many editors paid their respects, including FaZe Mito, who hosted a 2HC stream as a tribute to rbxcbd.
VinnyTheRuler 9,548 Brain tumor March 26, 2014
BigE dad 9,088 Head trauma December 7, 2015 Following his death, many subscribers made short tributes in their videos
DjuramineMusic 8,971 Suicide July 9, 2012
MrGmview 8,703 Stroke June 23, 2014
Ninjievious 8,544 Suicide August 13, 2014 Commited suicide due to depression.
Ronaproject 8,531 Car crash April 12, 2010
PrincepTV 8,177 Murdered 2013 Shot by sister's boyfriend at a birthday.
XXgothemo99XX 7,448 Suicide September 18, 2011 Hanged himself.
Gvloanguy 7,201 Melanoma August 2013
Zodiakironfist 6,858 Heart attack January 7, 2010
Reggaefrank09 6,006 Heart condition July 3, 2013
Asia McGowan 5,970 Murdered April 10, 2009 McGowan was shot, killing her in Henry Ford College by Tony48219, who committed suicide after he shot McGowan (Tony's channel is terminated).
ABilly90 5,752 Cystic fibrosis June 23, 2014
Cedric Smith (CeddyBu da Rap Sumo) 5,609 Car accident January 2, 2014
Andreas Aebi (BKingAndy) 5,536 Motorcycle Accident August 13, 2013
Chris Arnett (The Real Mens Channel) 4,793 Heart attack October 1, 2017 Died not long after ending his final livestream.
Antisocialfatman 4,329 Pulmonary embolism October 25, 2011
Ryan McHenry (ZombieMusical2013) 4,274 Osteosarcoma May 2, 2015
TheZachman18 4,397 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy March 25, 2015
Mabe 4,144 Hodgkins lymphoma July 17, 2015
Slain 3,824 Skiing accident March 9, 2015
KKD1247 3,692 Unknown December 9, 2009
Dr. Larry Lindsey 3,661 Colon cancer December 19, 2016 His wife confirmed the cause of death on facebook.
Justin Heard (BigMastadon) 3,584 Heart attack February 22, 2016
Moto Frogger 3,495 Motorcycle accident 2015
Павел Кашин (MrPavelKashin) 3,334 Accidental fall July 7, 2013
TWZTED INTENTIONS 3,500 Motorcycle accident September 25, 2017 Suffered a fatal crash after jumping on a motorcycle on livestream.
Boris Tapic 3,286 Fatal Injuries November 13, 2016 He died by doing a backflip on a building. He was also battling cancer.
CollosalCarnage08 3,031 Suicide November 8, 2010. Hanged herself.
MrFailGame 2,954 Liver disease September 16, 2013
creativewritings247 2,797 Brain aneurysm January 2015
John Noveske 2,700 Car accident 2013
Goldenrebel25 2,614 Leukemia May 17, 2016 Lost a battle to Leukemia after 2 years.
Rebecca Burger 2,514 Domestic Accident/Heart Attack June 18th 2017 A malfunctioning whipped cream dispenser exploded, hitting Burger in the chest and causing her to suffer a heart attack. In spite of being rushed to hospital, she died the following day. Her husband Stéphane Burger assumed control of her channel
HCDDWarhero 2,421 Car accident March 5, 2010
Bpblu 2,376 Suicide August 11, 2009 He committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.
DerGTA4Hater 2,133 Accidental fall June 20, 2012
Fortyniner235 2,073 Suicide December 10, 2009 Hanged himself. Now his sister owns the channel but has no plans on uploading any videos.
The Tales End 2,021 Lung cancer May 22, 2012
Martyn Hett 2,008 Murdered May 22, 2017 Martyn was one of the 8 victims killed in the Ariana Grande Manchester Arena Bombing.
Chopper Read 2,004 Liver cancer October 9, 2013
Sean Edwards 1,873 Racing accident October 15, 2013 Race driver in Porsche Supercup; died during a test race in Queesland as a co driver in a Porsche
Thomas Brinkley 1,864 Murdered March 3, 2014 Stabbed University of Florida professor, and was shot by police.
Joshua Brown 1,854 Car accident May 7, 2016
Jeremy Norman (usedtobe803) 1,779 Cardiac arrest December 23, 2007
Jasmine Sanchez 1,728 Suicide April 25, 2014 Jumped in front of a train.
Keebthejokinggamer 1,700 Natural causes February 8, 2014
Arlene Cole (Narlee Vlogs) 1,485 Suicide November, 16th 2017 She had bipolar disorder which may have contributed to her suicide. Her obituary can be found here
Orangishred 1,450 Drug overdose 2014
Rafaiser F.T 1,429 Pneumonia September 16, 2016 His death was announced by his father in his facebook profile, in Wednesday 20,2016. All his videos were deleted a couple of days of that announcement.
Nicky Hayden 1,299 Bike accident May 22, 2017 MotoGP world champion of 2006
99wasup 1,228 Surgical complications September 4, 2011
Sasuke 1,224 Suicide November 2017 His death was announced in January 2018
thewyldwulf 1,186 Car crash August 31,2015
Jasen Tamiia 977 Autoerotic asphyxiation December 31, 2015
Alex V. (Rabbit96848) 900 Unknown May 7, 2015 Account now managed by Vine user KingFurry. All of his videos have been deleted.
Dreggler 798 Accident March 18, 2015
Bonkuraps 766 Heart failure September 13, 2007 Known around the world as one of the most skilled, smooth and creative pen spinner.

He placed second in the semi-finals of the 2007 World Tournament, but lost to Eriror.

ReubenKee 712 Motorboating accident November 23, 2007 Motor boating accident that killed several other contestants during the 2007 Cambodia Tonlé Sap competition
Shaun Appleby (Waster) 667 Sudden Adult Death Syndrome February 26, 2015 His obesity is said to have played a part in his death, despite beginning to lose weight due to participating in a weight lose program
Tetris 514 Unknown December 31, 2017

Deceased YouTubers whose channels were terminated Edit

This is a list of deceased YouTubers whose YouTube accounts were shut down following their death.

Channel  Cause of Death  Date of Death  Notes  AbbyFallProductions Unknown causes Unknown
ShayeSaintJohn Gastrointestinal bleeding February 25, 2010
MHarris1920 Natural Causes November, 2006
Ashley Miller (fatwrecked) Organ failure May 12, 2008
Keith Ratliff (kydivemaster) Murdered January 6, 2013 Shot in the back of his head in his office.
MarioXbox4018 Heart failure September 18, 2007
Tony48219 Suicide  April 10, 2009 Suicide after killing Asia McGowan
SquidwardFan1982 Suicide December 6, 2010
TheSevenWinds Suicide 2011
RedFrenzy64 Unknown September 3, 2012
2Real Accidental fall December 5, 2012
FilipeCaldeira24 Drug overdose August 14, 2013 After making his last video, Filipe Caldeira was in hospital for drug overdose and after 5 days he died due to nearly 30 years of depression and lung cancer.
Kirk Willemse (Dameathook) Overdose November 22, 2014
AussiePrankzTV Suicide May 8, 2015 After making his goodbye video, the channel was permanently deleted and was never heard from again. There are no videos of him uploaded from other users.
Pekka-Eric Auvinen (Sturmgiest89) Suicide November 7, 2007 Killed himself during a school shooting. His channel was deleted but his videos were re-uploaded and can be watched.
Misskaiix3 Suicide May 21, 2012
ITZ DOLLY Suicide December 30, 2016 She has had personal problems throughout her life, bullied at school, argued with parents, and became emo. She hanged herself in her backyard on a livestream.
Ember's Ghost Squad Suicide June 7, 2017 He killed himself in a murder-suicide, killing 3 others at a supermarket. He had 1,332 subscribers before his channel was terminated.

YouTubers will announced for future report as death Edit

This is a list of YouTubers whose YouTube accounts were reported to Youtubers will dies.

Channel  Cause of Death  Date of Death Notes  Teo Basescu (TeoLOL36) Unknown causes May 11, 2018 Teo Basescu will died because make trolls and make spams on youtube videos.
Michael Tombson (MichaelHashtagMan) Steals supercars June 2, 2019