The Blista Compact is a recurring two-door sports hatchback featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityGrand Theft Auto: San AndreasGrand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (In the latter simply being named the Blista), as well as in the enhanced versions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online where it is manufactured by Dinka.

3D Universe Edit

"Imports? They'll be the death of this country."
―GTA Vice City Website.

Unlike many other vehicles, the Blista Compact's design has remained almost exactly the same in all its appearances, apart from different engines and minor cosmetic differences.

Like its design influence, the first generation Honda CR-X, the Blista Compact sports a hatchback design and a very small curb weight; in fact, the Blista Compact is easily the smallest and lightest passenger car in GTA Vice City. The car has a two-tone paint job in GTA Vice City, with the black bottom half always painted black, but in later games was remodelled to feature a variety of colors in all-over and two-tone style. Also in Vice City, it does have markings on the left side of the trunk, but letters are in too low quality to be egible to read.

Grand Theft Auto IV Edit

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the car stays true to the Honda CR-X but has a greater poly build making the car more realistic. The car may spawn with additional parts such as a spoiler and twin exhaust, making it resemble the CR-X SiR. The GTA Chinatown Wars version resembles a 1982-1989 Mitsubishi Starion. The Blista Compact becomes the second lightest car in GTA IV, the Uranus being the lightest.

Generations Edit

Go Go Monkey Blista Edit

The Dinka Go Go Monkey Blista is a two-door hatchback appearing in Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, production debuted on June 11, 2005.

Grand Theft Auto V Edit

To unlock the Go Go Monkey Blista, the following steps must be completed:

  • Photograph all fifty Monkey Mosaics found around the map.
  • Go to the random event which will be unlocked in the alley directly north of the Los Santos Customs in Burton. The artist responsible for the Monkey Mosaics will be spray painting another mosaic:
  • He will begin running away; the player needs to photograph him before he is out of sight.
  • The player will receive a text saying that the Go Go Monkey Blista is now available in the player's garage property.
  • It will now be selectable from the Special Vehicles menu in the garage property.

GTA Online Edit

  • Sometimes seen in the CEO Work "Transporter" as a cargo vehicle in the back of a Wastelander. It cannot be removed from the Wastelander or driven.