Isaac Drower (born November 19, 2014) is an toddler which has big room.

Isaac Drower is 8 years younger than LukeYTB & and which is 3 years older than Stresscow.

Personal Life Edit

Isaac Drower has an bedroom with early '80s TV. Stresscow coming to the him and beats up Isaac Drower. Junior Becheru save Isaac Drower and bulying Stresscow. Isaac Drower goingb to faster and drink some milk. Isaac Drower raging and going to the Spell Valley (Arena 5) and beats up Princess with bow and fire arrows as Legendary. Isaac Drower going to destroy king's tower and his parents calls barbarians and goblins to beats up King. After raging, Mini PEKKA laughs from King, Isaac Drower going to haste spell and goes faster in Jungle Arena (Arena 9). Isaac Drower trowing Poison Spell and trows skeletons. Witch hate Isaac Drower and calls Giant Skeleton. Isaac Drower get away from Jungle Arena (Arena 9) and Patrick Becheru increased status. MihaiTheBOSS69 was caught by Patrick Becheru and Isaac Drower. UnshavenKhan advertising MihaiTheBOSS69's status.

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