Junior Becheru (born May 9, 2002) is an character which was in the Fazbear's Pizzeria, watching on the Parts & Services room. He was jumpscared by Withered Freddy & Withered Bonnie asked for Junior "Where is my face?".

Personal History Edit

Junior Becheru shows an showstage from Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and Stresscow's raging was declined. Stresscow going to enter and says "Muhahaha, where's the Purple Guy or kill you!!!" and Patrick Becheru was laugh and trows Purple Guy into Withereds. Stresscow wants to call Army Cyberslands and destroys CCTV camera. Toy Freddy trows Stresscow into Mangle. Purple Guy says animatronics are as splinks, not withereds. Pre-Mangle coming on Stresscow and says "You're cute!". Stresscow's raging was reduced. Stresscow watching uglier on Toy Freddy.

-Pre-Mangle holding me and you can't eat pizza ever!!! (Stresscow)

-You're a piece if sh*t!!! (Toy Freddy)

-What!!! Toy Freddy!!! (Junior Becheru)

-Back to the stage, now or i hide beak!!! (Toy Chica)

-What do you here? (Withered Bonnie)

Junior Becheru has leaved and Stresscow wants to stay. Junior Becheru goes to the home and go to play Xbox One.

Stresscow's tantrums Edit

Junior Becheru goes in the Arena 7 (Royal Arena) and Patrick Becheru injuring king and deploys Golem to pulls off Guards (Skeletons). Princess beats up Patrick Becheru and Stresscow injuring her to deplys 10 Golems. Stresscow trows on the water and steals X-Bow from Arena as stronger. Angry Red King pulls out from Arena 7. Stresscow burning Red Crown Towers.

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