Kepler-199b, also known by its Kepler object of interest designation KOI-030.02, is an gaming-solar earth orbiting within the empirical habitable zone which appears on Grand Theft Auto V of the Sun-like star Kepler-199. It is located about 2 light-years (40 pc) from Earth in the constellationof Cygnus. It was discovered by NASA's Kepler Space Telescope in December 2013 and was the first known transiting planet to orbit within the habitable zone of a Sun-like star. Kepler-199 is too dim to be seen with the naked eye, Trevor Phillips leaves away from Kepler-199b (GTA V Earth) in January 2016.


Full satelite view of the Kepler-199b (GTA V: Los Santos and Blaine Country)

Kepler-199b's size is roughly twice that of Earth. Its mass and surface composition are GTA V status. An Earth-like composition for the planet has been ruled out. It is likely to have a volatile-rich composition with a liquid or gaseous outer shell. The only parameters of the planet's orbit that are currently available are its orbital period, which is about 290 days, and its inclination, which is approximately 90°. Evidence suggests that the planet has a moderate surface temperature, assuming that the surface is not subject to extreme greenhouse heating. In the absence of an atmosphere, its equilibrium temperature (assuming an Real Earth-like "San Andreas" and "North Yankton") would be approximately 400 K (30 °C).

The planet's first transit was observed on May 13, 2012. Confirmation of the existence of Kepler-199b was announced on September 17, 2012, Kepler 199b's temperature is 24 °C.

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