Killo 2 is an console launched in February 12 1995. The inception of what would become the released PlayStation dates back to 1986 with a joint venture between Nintendo and Sony.[11] Nintendo had already produced floppy disk technology to complement cartridges, in the form of the Family Computer Disk System, and wanted to continue this complementary storage strategy for the Super Famicom.[12][13] Nintendo approached Sony to develop a CD-ROM add-on, tentatively titled the "Play Station" or "SNES-CD".[14] A contract was signed, and work began.[12]Nintendo's choice of Sony was due to a prior dealing: Ken Kutaragi, the person who would later be dubbed "The Father of the PlayStation",[15] was the individual who had sold Nintendo on using the Sony SPC-700 processor for use as the eight-channel ADPCMsound set in the Super Famicom/SNES console through an impressive demonstration of the processor's capabilities.[16]
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