The De Santa Residence is a safehouse bordered by Vinewood Hills in Grand Theft Auto V, which costs 25 million dollars.

The mansion is located in Vinewood, an affluent residential neighborhood in Los Santos, San Andreas. The house first appears in the video by iRaphahell.  Vila lui Michael de $25,000,000.

This is Michael's secondary residence. The house was given to Michael after making an "off-the books" deal with FIB agent Dave Norton in 2013. The house is built in the Arab Renaissance style, a style that is very popular in VInewood Hills.This residents are Jimmy De Santa, Amanda De Santa and Michael De Santa and guests: Franklin Clinton and Trevor Phillips. This residence has 4 rooms (2 De Santa's rooms, 1 Guests' room, 1 Guard's room). Tracey De Santa isn't resident in this mansion because moved up in Fame or Shame Residence.

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