MihaiTheBOSS69 (born June 17, 2004) is an main protagonist which has more subscribers.

Personal Life Edit

MihaiTheBOSS69's dog named Max. Mihai Tanasescu in 2010 was drawed from box Chevrolet NO7. His room is bigger than room front of LukeYTB's bedroom. MihaiTheBOSS69's favourite game is Clash Royale and Grand Theft Auto V. MihaiTheBOSS69 has more videos. In July 12, 2017, MihaiTheBOSS69 has an fair hair and was in the Barber Shop.

Name Edit

My name is MihaiTheBOSS69, (Mihai-My name) (The-By From name) (BOSS69-Youtube Surname)

Trivia Edit

I have three platrforms: PC, Xbox360 & PS2.

My Gaming Sets: Boxe, Headset, Chair & Mouse.

MihaiTheBOSS69 and ThugLife Recorder are very similar with behavior, are sibling with tantrum.

My Occupation Edit

This occupation is: Xbox360 & Youtube
Challenge by MihaiTheBOSS6900:21

Challenge by MihaiTheBOSS69

Gallery Edit

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