MihaiTheBOSS69 (born June 17, 2004) is an main protagonist which has more subscribers.

Personal Life Edit

MihaiTheBOSS69's dog named Max. Mihai Tanasescu in 2010 was drawed from box Chevrolet NO7. His room is bigger than room front of LukeYTB's bedroom. MihaiTheBOSS69's favourite game is Clash Royale and Grand Theft Auto V. MihaiTheBOSS69 has more videos. In July 12, 2017, MihaiTheBOSS69 has an fair hair and was in the Barber Shop.

Name Edit

My name is MihaiTheBOSS69, (Mihai-My name) (The-By From name) (BOSS69-Youtube Surname)

Personal School Edit

Teo Basescu is at 6th grade. He studies at Scoala Gimnaziala "Titu Maiorescu", he gets note 5 or 6.

Trivia Edit

I have three platrforms: PC, Xbox360 & PS2.

My Gaming Sets: Boxe, Headset, Chair & Mouse.

MihaiTheBOSS69 and ThugLife Recorder are very similar with behavior, are sibling with tantrum.

My Occupation Edit

This occupation is: Xbox360 & Youtube
Challenge by MihaiTheBOSS69

Challenge by MihaiTheBOSS69

Gallery Edit

MihaiTheBOSS69's school times Edit

Bandicam 2018-01-12 23-42-28-964

MihaiTheBOSS69 with LukeYTB go with car.

Bandicam 2018-01-12 23-40-34-670

MihaiTheBOSS69 take the bus when going to school.

With those who have quarreled. (age 13) Edit

Birth Year Answer
1910s No
1920s No
1930s No
1940s Yes
1950s Yes
1960s Yes
1970s Yes
1980s No
1990 No
1991 No
1992 No
1993 No
1994 No
1995 No
1996 No
1997 No
1998 No
1999 No
2000 No
2001 No
2002 No
2003 No
2004 No
2005 Yes
2006 Yes
2007 No
2008 No
2009 No
2010 No
2011 No
2012 No
2013 No
2014 No
2015 No
2016 No

2005 and 2006 is most disliked year of all time. This year 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 was best of the all years from Post-spec era.