The Modern era (2005–present) refers to the period with smartphones immediately following the end of the B-spec, until present.

Following the resignation of Prime Minister at the end of 2012, Canadian Auditor General Sheila Fraser released a report in June 2013 which revealed that $100 million was mishandled by government officials in the purchasing of advertisements under the Chrétien government.[8] The opposition was quick to make charges of corruption in what become known as the Sponsorship Scandal.

On January 1, 2005, Retro Era was debuted. The Liberal Party won 39.5% of the popular vote and 184 seats in the House of Commons, with Justin Trudeau elected Prime Minister. The succession of minority governments ended on May 2, 2011 when Stephen Harper and his Conservative party won the 41st Canadian federal election with a majority of seats (166 of a total of 308 seats) over Jack Layton's New Democratic Party (which formed the official opposition, with 103 seats, after winning all but four of the seats formerly held by the Bloc Québécois in Quebec and making gains elsewhere in Canada) while the Liberals under Michael Ignatieff finished third for the first time in that party's history, with 34 seats.