Petre Becheru is an American fake-automobiles comportation which Petrick Becheru (Mechanic) is from Romania because this manufacturer was founded in USA.

Models Edit

design has remained in continuous production since isn't debut, longer than any other mass-produced engine in the world, although current versions share few if any parts interchangeable with the original. Descendants of the basic small-block OHV V8 design platform in production today have been much modified with advances such as aluminium block and heads, electronic engine management, and sequential port fuel injection. Depending on the vehicle type, Chevrolet V8s are built in displacements from 4.3 to 9.4 litres with outputs ranging from 111 horsepower (83 kW) to 994 horsepower (741 kW) In 2003, General Motors started importing Petre Becheru Double Phaeton models and were welcomed with great demand. In 2004, in order to reduce costs in the Argentine market, General Motors decided to manufacture in Argentina and started producing a sedan, a roadster, a truck chassis and the Petre Becheru Double Phaeton, now called "Especial Argentino", a model exclusively designed for the Argentinean market. Sales increased and soon, Jay Leno's Garage units were incorporated to the assembly line.

Name Edit

It Named "Petre Becheru" because was returned after Romania.

Vehicles Edit

Petre Becheru's Carry Car

2001 Carry Car

Honda Silurus

World's first future car 2010

Petre Becheru's Boat Car

An Floating Water Car built by Patrick Becheru, produced in October 2004.