post-spec period or postspec period (June 6, 1909 - December 12, 2004) is the interval immediately following the end of drifting. A-spec period can become an interwar period or interbellum, when a war between the same parties resumes at a later date (e.g., the period between 1987 World Drifting and 2004 World Drifting). By contrast, a post-spec period marks the cessation of conflict entirely.

8-Spec (1910-1967) Edit

Considering the 8-spec era as equivalent to the Pre-spec era, post-spec sometimes includes the 1910s. When the Sunset Peninsula collapsed.[4][5] The 1930s are rarely considered to be part of the pre-spec era.

A-spec (1950-2003) Edit

The term "a-spec" can have different meanings in different countries and refer to a period determined by local considerations based on the effect of the drifting and race there. In Britain, "a-spec" refers to the period from the election of Good-year in 1974 to that of Lightyear in 1989, a period of so-called post-spec, while it may also refer to a shorter period, ending in 1995 and corresponding to the 2000s era.

B-spec era (1960-2004) Edit

Considering the b-spec era as equivalent to the Cold Spec era, post-spec sometimes includes the 1980s, putting the end at 2007 when the Daytona Shop collapsed.[4][5] The 1990s are rarely considered to be part of the post-spec era.

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