The Tractor is a strong work vehicle used for farming featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and in Grand Theft Auto V. It is manufactured by Stanley in the HD Universe. This utility car was produced in March 1898 until July 1967.

The Tractor is generally designed as a simple, open air farming tractor with large driving wheels at the back and a pair of steerable wheels at the front. It appears to be based on the Ford N Series of tractors.

The Tractor has a semi-unique ability to tow a car from one point to another, something it shares with the Tow Truck (and Baggage, to a degree). This is very useful when transporting locked cars, or special vehicles in the game. The Tractor also has its own trailer, called the Farm Trailer.

Like most industrial vehicles, the Tractor cannot be modified in any modification garages.

Grand Theft Auto V Edit

The Tractor reappears in Grand Theft Auto V, this time having a very old appearance, in contrast with its newer counterpart, the Fieldmaster. They now resemble a variety of early 1900s tractors, although it most closely resembles the a Fordson Model F.

The Tractor has a rusty appearance with two small, thin wheels on the front and two large, thick wheels on the back, which have a rugged pattern to give it more traction on dirt. The driver sits in a steel seat connected to the vehicle by small bars and there are two mudguards over the rear wheels. Its engine is located on the front and is partially covered.

It was most likely built in the late 1900s, making it the oldest vehicle in game.


A very last model as Trevor driving in July 30, 1967.