ThugLife Recorder (born June 22, 2007) is an fictional youtube channel similar with japanese kid. This boy can edits videos for wishlist.

Personal Gaming Edit

He launched his YouTube channel in May 2013, uploading a first video five months later which he would call "Forza Motorsport 4, how to get 10k credits". Forza gaming on YouTube who publishes gameplay and top 12 lists based on the popular video game to his channel. He has accrued an astounding 18k subscribers to his private channel.

Personal Problems Edit

On September 6, 2017, He was as suspect and lose teeth in left. He can't afford to eat: Apple, Pear, Peach, Plums, Salt, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Ice Cream and Honey.

He can't afford to drink: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Lipton Green Tea, Sprite, Fanta and Lemonade.

He can't afford to brushing his teeth because he has 1 tooth remaining.

He can't afford to laughing when make blood on tooth.

This problem ends in September 21

This problem doesn't support.

Personal School Edit

Now, he is in 6th grade in his school. In September 2017, moved up with SmallYTB, Anna Khan and Andrew Khan moved to live in Bucharest, Romania.

Personal Tantrums (2017-2018) Edit

On September 17, He has smashed his new phone, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, His mom beats up him and ThugLife Recorder has no phone right now and sells his phone rewarded $100. He was angry and he smashed iPad. He trows dog in window and deleted PS4 games without disc.

On August 23, He fights with neightbors and he slaps dead corpse found in neightbor's house. His dad makes angry and fights with him every day. He don't doing his homework because dad beats up.

Dialogue (July 4, 2018) Edit

ThugLife Recorder going to big waterslides and SmallYTB and Anna Khan says:

-You must be to have 12 years old!!! (SmallYTB)

-You are not allowed on this waterslides! (Anna)

-Why? (ThugLife Recorder)

-Because you have 11 years old. (SmallYTB)

-No, i want to big waterslides (ThugLife Recorder)

-Only Andrew can going to waterslides (SmallYTB)

-Ok, who wants to go waterslide with floatings. (ThugLife Recorder)

-Me, i like with floatings. (SmallYTB)

-Where is Andrew? (ThugLife Recorder)

-In the big waterslides (SmallYTB)

Andrew!!!! (ThugLife Recorder)

-What do you say? (Andrew)

-I forgot that you are 13 years old. (SmallYTB)

-Who wants to pool? (Anna)

Me! (Andrew, SmallYTB, ThugLife Recorder)

-Mike, don't jump. (Andrew)

-JUMP!!!! (SmallYTB)

-Alex, shut up!!!!! (Andrew)

-Ok. (SmallYTB)

-I hide from salva (ThugLife Recorder)

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