UnshavenKhan3 (born June 22, 2003) is an thin youtuber which has best friend is MihaiTheBOSS69 and similar with him, he got died by prank.

Personal Life Edit

UnshavenKhan3 has an gaming PC and he is 14 years old, currently has big balcony and has green lime walls on his room. He has four PlayStations. He wants to spends Gaming Computer with LED and Xbox One S. He has currently PlayStation 4. He's in seventh grade and will in eighth grade in his school. In June 4, 2004, he goes to pranks as his mother to drinks tonic water as 11 months old. He is usually gamer and best kid from the Romania. He gets charged up to fights MihaiTheBOSS69. He's legendary sense and can call over the emergency number: 112 (Romanian emergency call). He has bigger room and dog named "Sparky". He goes to Walmart and says "Floor is lava" for his brother "UnshavenKhan 2" in June 2015. He receive respect everyday. He edits photos and videos. He has hoverboard for Christmas in December 25, 2014. He got new channel as invisible named "InvisibleKhan". On 20 November 2017, his dad got a new car, Nissan GTR from 2017. On next year, he will become adolescence "15 year old".

Personal School Edit

UnshavenKhan 3 is at 9th grade , is now at high school. In 2017, moved to Colegiul Național I.L. Caragiale. His school was as Școala Gimnazială nr. 5. Before began at high school, he has media 9,70.

Gallery Edit

UnshavenKhan young

UnshavenKhan in 2012.